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Mission: Hangzhou DAC Biotech, Co., Ltd was officially registered in HEDA Area, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China around the end of Year 2012, and is located nearby the bank of beautiful Qiantang River. The company focuses on developing conjugate of monoclonal antibody and small molecular cytotoxic drug, both of which are banded together with smart linkers. These so-called “biological missiles” are armed with a “war-head” that are delivered to malignant cells target-dependently and eradicate them without damaging innocent normal tissues. Clinical practices have  confirmed once again that these conjugates are incomparably efficacious in cancer therapy, and remarkably reduce the severe toxicities of chemical drugs. Because of the additive effectiveness of smart linkage and target-directing delivery, the treatment with these conjugates is more individualized and more humanized than any previous drugs, a true gospel of cancer patients. It is scientifically evaluated that antibody-drug conjugation is a revolutionary event of the 21st Century in the combat with cancers, which is No. one killer of human being. The aim of Hangzhou DAC Biotech, Co., Ltd is to develop this anti-cancer therapy, which is our holy mission, and a great dream.


Superiority: The driving force for research/development of the conjugate therapy in the company are from several senior-level scientists and project designers, all of them received their PhD degrees in America with many years’ work experience in the area of conjugate drugs. Joined with tens of local master-level scientists, a high-quality research team was built up. The team covers a full range of research and development of these new drugs: designing small molecular drugs, structuring monoclonal antibody, manufacturing conjugates, and studying in vivo behaviors of these conjugate drugs. The company has been loaded with many years’ experience with several international creative patents in the area of antibody-drug conjugation, invested as much as 40 million RMB in 2013, and generously supported by the government of HEDA Area, Hangzhou city, and Zhejiang Province. The company also imported approximately 80 pieces of large equipments from America. All of these solidate the ground for our taking-off. We are sailing in the strong wind of quick economic growth of Zhejiang Province. We will keep local peoples’ spirits in our mind: faithing, concreting, studying and being honest.


Future: It was pessimistically estimated that cancer patients currently take 1.7% of world population, and will increase 15 millions of new patients annually. It was also predicted that the mortality of cancers could be 13.2 millions on this planet in 2030, and one-fourth of them would be in China. This horrible situation might be substantially changed with emerge of the new technology. A few pieces of great news were already reported that more than 80% patients with lymphoma are free of malignant disease, and numerous patients with resistant breast cancer are living their normal lives after the treatment with antibody drug conjugates. Let us look forward to seeing the day when Number one killer of human being is successfully conquered.    


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