Hey, I’m Erkan.

I strongly believe design’s strategic value, its impact on innovation and close relationship with psychology. I’ve always been excited to be a problem solver guy throughout my life. Getting into design and understanding it’s fundamental purpose helped me widen my perspective in solving problems.

In high school, I studied Web Design and Programming. Later I studied Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University.

From January 2011, in my university years, I’ve already been into working environment. I helped designing interactive e-books for students in a government project. I was one of the UX/UI Designers of e-book editor for desktop web and mobile app. I was the only designer in an integrated university management system, responsive desktop web app. I helped designing the experience of 3 online online learning platforms, both desktop web and mobile apps. I led my own project, Pineappy, and designed the whole mobile app experience. It’s a mobile app that helps people share their stuffs for free for the purpose of sustainibility. I helped improving Turkey’s biggest recruiting platform's,, job board experience. After, I worked as a UX Designer at Sherpa, a user experience design studio. Currently, I live in Leipzig, Germany, working as a Product Designer in Spreadshirt.

Erkan Öğümsöğütlü